Micro Focus Operations Bridge – Empowering IT teams to become Strategic Business Partners

Micro Focus Operations Bridge – Empowering IT teams to become Strategic Business Partners

Operations Bridge has been Micro Focus’s (formerly HPE Software) flagship offering for IT Operations Management (ITOM). The vision of this product line has been to free up IT resource time from manual redundant tasks to more strategic things by consolidating multiple tools on a single integrated platform providing a single pane of glass.

With its latest release i.e. Micro Focus Operations Bridge 2018.02, they have added several interesting enhancements in the areas of discovery, analysis, and monitoring. More about it later in this post.

Let us look at the key capabilities of Micro Focus Operations Bridge.


OMi as we generally refer it to helps in consolidating events from multiple sources. This enables IT teams to quickly discover the impact of a specific incident on the business and overall IT operations environment. Operations Manager i integrates with several third-party applications which enables it to sense availability of IT resources across the enterprise.


Operations Bridge Reporter enables cross-domain reporting across all IT assets in the enterprise. It collects performance data together with the relationship information of various IT elements and business services.

This enables IT teams to have a bird’s eye view of their network IT environment and the relationship between each element.


This one is my personal favorite. Operations Analytics has predictive analytics built into its DNA. It can make sense of historical data from log files, events and predict issues before they occur.

It changes the way we manage incidents. From being reactive to issues and incidents, it enables us to take pro-active steps and avoid these incidents. It also provides probable solutions to incidents by identifying resolutions from previous log files.


It is imperative to automate manual redundant tasks in an enterprise setup. Operations Orchestration allows you to automate operator actions using simple commands and scripts. These commands can then be converted into workflows, so they can be reused and standardized for better compliance.

These flows can be integrated with OMi (event) to solve frequently occurring incidents.


Cloud Optimizer is an integrated unified platform to manage various deployment environments. Whether its physical, virtual or cloud, Cloud Optimizer enables IT teams to do capacity planning in order to optimally manage cost and performance.


In today’s business environment, the IT function is expected to make a telling contribution in how organizations operate and grow and not just keeping the systems up and running.

Operations Bridge provides IT teams with the tools and technology to be more efficient and effective. It takes away redundancy and administrative tasks from their daily jobs. In fact, it empowers them to be strategic thinkers. They can focus on solving real business problems by forming strategies which do not revolve around issue resolution or incident management.

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