4 Signs, it’s time to invest in an ITSM Solution

4 Signs, it’s time to invest in an ITSM Solution

For businesses that are highly reliant on IT, ITSM forms the backbone for delivering services to business.

Traditionally, IT has been considered as a support function to business. Depending on the size and nature of the organization, the role of IT can range from infrastructure provider to strategic partner.

Today, IT is playing an active role in driving strategy as well as vision for many businesses. For some organizations, the business runs on IT. Banking, Telco, Insurance are good examples where the success of IT can make or break the business.

But how do you know, it’s about time you invested in a robust IT Service Management Solution?

Here are 4 signs you should watch out for.

1. Leadership teams take keen interest on ITs performance and delivery

IT Performance is measured by availability of services, downtime, impact to users, improvement areas, etc.

If IT is just managing business infrastructure components like office networks, email, servers, computers, etc. the impact may be limited to internal functioning of the business.

The situation totally changes if IT Services are being delivered to customers, partners and employees who get impacted by the IT Services which are delivered to them. In which case the leadership team take keen interest in ITs performance, as it impacts business as usual, revenue and the brand.

This is a clear indicator that IT is a strategic business unit and its high time you invested in an ITSM Solution to efficiency monitor, manage and improve IT Services across the organization.

2. IT is considered to be a strategic business unit

Once IT is considered as a strategic business unit, its a responsibility it carries for the success of specific business areas or the business as a whole.

Handling common services management issues related to availability, scaling, usability, security, etc. should be managed with utmost seriousness. ITSM Solutions empower IT teams to take the right decisions with advanced monitoring tools which provide foresight and optimal planning.

3. IT is moving toward a process driven delivery approach

If you are considering implementing ITIL processes for your business, it is imperative to invest in a ITSM solution which help you automate the processes as prescribed by ITIL.

ITIL provides clear guidelines on handing various ITSM related processes which include Incident management, Change Management, Problem Management, Service-level management, Continuity management, Release management and more.

You can check out our previous post on ITIL Change Management Processes.

4. IT Reports talk about business outcomes and not IT Activities

This is a classic sign which indicates IT has come of age. From being a support function which focused on activities performed by IT to delivering strategic outcomes for business.

If you are part of the IT team and you see lot of your reports focus on business outcomes, you are already contributing to business success without you knowing it.

In which case you should focus your energies on strategic activities and not redundant IT support related initiatives. There are advanced ITSM Platforms which can help you overcome regular service related issues.

The Bottomline

Investing in ITSM is not a choice in today’s highly competitive business landscape. IT Service Management Platforms form a crucial piece in the ITSM puzzle which cannot be left for manual processing or ad-hoc, makeshift solutions.

Modern ITSM Platforms from Micro Focus and ServiceNow can elevate your business game to a whole new level.

Are you in the market for a robust ITSM Solution or Do you need help in implementing or supporting your existing ITSM Platform?

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