Requisites of a modern IT Operations Management Platform

Requisites of a modern IT Operations Management Platform

IT Operations Management forms the backbone of for enterprises who rely heavily on IT for delivering products and services to their customers.

IT Operations management software is a blanket term used to describe any software application which helps in managing IT Services rendered to customers, partners or even employees.

This could be as complex as running the Online Banking platform of a large bank to as simple as handling IT Asset requisitions from new employees.

As you would have guessed the spectrum is quite wide and diverse.

In this post we will look at what are the key aspects you should consider before buying a modern ITSM Service Management platform.

Here is an infographic which illustrates 5 key requisites of a modern ITOM Platform

Capabilities, Features and Modules

This forms the core tangible for any modern ITOM Software platform. Here are six capabilities which any modern ITOM Software platform should have at the least.

Operations Management

Your IT Operations Management platform should have the capability to monitor every component of your Hybrid Infrastructure. Whether its servers, networks, applications or composite IT components.

Cloud Management

Cloud forms a major vehicle for today’s enterprise. Given the nature of business everything seems to be residing on the cloud whether its core business applications, servers or even files.

Businesses need a solid cloud management software to manage hybrid cloud which are engrained into the enterprise fold.


As the name suggests every modern ITOM software should be able to automate all IT Processes and Tasks which are repetitive in nature.


Modern Networks are spread across offices, locations and even continents. You will need capabilities to manage your networks in a seamless manner.


Enterprise applications get updated at a rapid pace. Data Center automation enables you to automate provisioning, patching and compliance across multivendor physical and virtual servers, databases, and middleware for enterprise-scale deployments.


An ITOM platform is meant for a large organization and must be able to scale its operations whichever platform you select, make sure it can handle the load of your ever growing IT Infrastructure and business needs.


What good is an ITOM platform if it is too difficult for the users to manage?

The real users of the platform are your IT personnel and customers. This is why it is important to ensure the platform is easy to use and offers complete control to the users.

An expert ITOM consultant can help you in the process of integrating all of your existing technology solutions with your ITOM software platform.


Business and technology are changing rapidly. Gone are the days where ITOM implementations used to take a year.

A modern ITOM platform should be implemented in a matter of weeks, so that business can drive value from your IT investments.


You should measure the overall TCO of your ITOM software platform over a period of one year.  

Low entry point doesn’t guarantee lower TCO. The amount of time, effort and skills spent on implementing, maintaining and running your ITOM platform determines the overall spend for the business.


The above requisites makes up for what we think are key determinants for a modern ITOM Platform.

Is there any important consideration which we have missed?

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