Hybrid Cloud Management

Due to its increased agility, flexibility and scalability, organizations’ dependence on multiple cloud infrastructure services has increased. The process of managing these deployments is called Hybrid Cloud Management. Integrating cloud infrastructure, which is usually across both private and public domains, is done by a dedicated third-party software. This allows for IT administrators to view and control the cloud infrastructure through a single user interface. By determining how cloud infrastructure should be managed, hybrid cloud management solutions can be thought of as both a process and a software platform.

Regardless of the hybrid cloud management solution, it should be able to do the following effectively and efficiently: 

– Resource management
– Performance Monitoring
– Automation and Provisioning
– Scalability
– Cross-platform Interoperability
– Compliance and Governance, and Reporting


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Micro Focus Hybrid Cloud Management has the following features:

– Cloud brokering and governance
– Self-service hybrid IT delivery
– Cloud-agnostic service designs
– End-to-end IT process orchestration
– Continuous delivery and deployment
– Container-based architecture

We at Serviceberry have comprehensive experience and deploying and implementing Micro Focus Hybrid Cloud Management for customers in varied environments.

Talk to us to discuss your requirements or to schedule a detailed demo of Micro Focus Hybrid Cloud Management.

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