ServiceNow Customer Service Management – All You Need to Know

ServiceNow Customer Service Management – All You Need to Know

Customer Servicing has become an extremely crucial function for enterprises. This is especially true for businesses who service large number of customer requests across all their communication channels. With growing impact of social media on brand reputation, companies can longer treat customer service in isolation to its other strategic functions.

In today’s post we will look at ServiceNow Customer Service Management. ServiceNow has been steadily updating its customer service management platform. Keeping growing businesses in mind, this platform can easily scale for SMBs as well as enterprise with relative ease.

Let us deep dive into what ServiceNow Customer Service Management has to offer and what it means for your business.

Powerful Workflow Capabilities

Workflow is a very important aspect of customer servicing. Customer requests need to be accurately routed to appropriate stakeholders without the need for manual processing.

ServiceNow CSM provides an intelligent routing engine which can route service requests based on priority, type, historical data as well as profile of customers. The idea is to intelligently route service requests for faster processing and better customer experience.

Service requests which fall through the cracks and land up in generic service queues can manually be reassigned to relevant departments and users using a visual task board.

ServiceNow CSM also provides an intuitive workflow designer which helps IT and Business teams to define and automate tasks, assignments and processes.

Better Case Management

ServiceNow CSM’s Case Management capabilities provides agents with a single view to all customer interactions, activities and status information. It does away with redundant communication loops thus enabling accurate and faster closures for each issue and case.

Agent Workspaces provide agents with a clean, clutter free environment to work on. With an Omni-channel integrated interface, agents have access to all customer interactions across web, phone, chat, email and social media.


Today’s consumers are tech-savvy and need information/ resolution at the click of a button. Companies are leveraging this trait to their advantage. By extending self-service capabilities to their users and customers companies can not only reduce agent workloads but also provide a superior customer experience.

Knowledge Management Repositories, Community Forums, Service Catalog and Service Portal are extended to end-users and customers so they can help themselves without waiting for agents to service their requests.


Providing world class customer experience is a priority for rapidly growing businesses. Customer acquisition and retention forms the baseline of growth for most businesses.

ServiceNow Customer Service Management is a great platform which has all the capabilities you would expect from a modern Customer Service Management Platform.

Do feel free to reach out to us for a detailed walkthrough of ServiceNow CSM or to see the product Live in Action.

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