Evaluating ITSM Companies? Looking beyond the traditional vendors

Evaluating ITSM Companies? Looking beyond the traditional vendors

IT Service Management a.k.a ITSM is the most sought after skillset in today’s hyperactive marketplace. After all having a sound, scalable and robust IT environment can make or break your business. This is especially true if IT forms the backbone and most critical function for your business.

Most often, we have seen businesses go for the safe option i.e. select an obvious ITSM services company who has an exceptional CV on paper but may not be the ideal choice for their requirements and needs.

In today’s post, we will look at 4 things you should consider before selecting your next ITSM Services Company/ Vendor.

Generalist vs Specialist

Traditional IT Services companies hold a substantial market share in terms of IT projects delivered globally. These companies have humongous resource strength, sometimes going beyond 50k or even 100k employees.

While this sounds overwhelming at first, but when you dig deep you will discover, a large portion of the projects delivered by them is general in nature. These would span across IT Support, Process Outsourcing, custom development, etc.

But that is not the skill you need to deliver your mission-critical ITSM project.

On the other hand, there are specialized ITSM Services Companies who only deliver projects related to IT Services Management. These vendors may be smaller in size but have a deep understanding of the subject at hand. They work on extremely complex ITSM projects day in and day out.

All this knowledge and expertize can be better put to use for your specific business problems and needs.

Filter the Marketing Hype

Every IT Service Management company claims to be the best of breed, having skill-set for every technology under the sun and resources who can adapt to any environment and industry.

The traditional heavy-weights also have the marketing dollars to burn by employing the best branding and marketing company to bring their legacy to the forefront.

It is but evident that most organizations instantly choose such IT giants as against specialist ITSM Services Company. Businesses end up shelling out big bucks for big names when equal or better-fit solution would be provided by new-age ITSM services companies.

Skills, Capabilities and Track Record

If you have already decided on your technology stack, then your evaluation of Best ITSM Services Companies becomes that much easier. Whether you are going with Micro Focus, ServiceNow or some other ITSM stack, look for IT Service Management Company who have the requisite skill, expertize and track record of delivering projects of substantial magnitude.

Ask for an express POC, this will definitely illustrate their preparedness and prior experience on the technology stack and business requirements.


Though it may sound clichéd, Commitment is a major factor in the success of your ITSM project.

For large IT giants, you are one of the 1000 projects they are working on, their life does not depend on the success of your ITSM program.

On the other hand niche, ITSM services companies have too much on the line. They have to ensure you are successful in order for them to be successful.

You will be surprised how each would react during a crisis situation.

Looking Beyond

Traditional IT Giants have the fire-power and legacy which comes with a company which has been there for generations. It is almost tempting to look beyond them. But selecting the safe option may not always be the right decision.

Chose a specialist vendor who understands your business problem, has demonstrated expertize by way of POC, past record and who is committed to your cause. After all, you may just get one chance to get it right.

Need more inputs on what to look for in an ITSM services company?

Consult with Serviceberry and we'll have you going in less time than you think.

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