IT Operations Management can be broadly categorized into all infrastructure, technology and services rendered by the IT Department of enterprises to ensure availability, maintenance and deployment of IT Services. These include hardware, software, services and processes followed so as to ensure the business gets maximum output from their respective IT systems.

ITOM defines the way in which IT should approach services and support. The main objective of ITOM is to ensure availability of services whenever and wherever they are needed.

ITOM has several sub-branches that span across Network Management, Service Management, Cloud Management, Data Center, Operations Management and Business Continuity.

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Why is ITOM critical for businesses?

ITOM plays a crucial role in success of most enterprises, given the growing need for on-demand IT services, always available systems and changing business requirements. In fact it has become part of strategic tech stack for businesses relying heavily on IT to deliver services to customers, partners and employees.

Let us look at some of the reasons why ITOM is important for business success.

One Platform

ITOM provides IT teams with a single platform to cater for all the services it provides. Whether its Service Management, Network Management or Cloud Management. ITOM Platforms provide an integrated toolset which can help you manage multiple aspects of your service delivery.

Speed and Agility

Speed and Agility are extremely crucial for IT success. Businesses will demand deployment of new systems and applications instantly. There will also be a need to change existing systems rapidly or provide support whenever there is a breakdown.

All these instances demand the need to act swiftly at very short notice. ITOM Platforms provide you the speed and agility needed to manage large infrastructures spanning across 100s of servers, 10s of offices, 1000s of network components and so on.


ITOM Platforms also provide the much needed visibility to IT Teams. As all the IT components are interlinked and dependent on each other to provide the desired service to business, it is imperative it provides you a bird eye view of all the systems and their interdependencies in real-time.

Problem Detection

In a world where infrastructures are getting virtualized and moved inside a firewall, service is the only common denominator and the most important thing to manage.

ITOM maps each service to its underlying infrastructure component. It can show the health of each service in an intuitive dashboard that lets you drill down into a detailed map of the systems behind each service. These maps make it easy to identify each component quickly. Maps use color codes to show the health of each technology component. When a problem is detected ITOM Platforms can recommend best viable options to solve the problem at hand.

Again, this is a life saver for IT teams, as they do not have the time to manually identify and ideate solutions whenever there is a crisis.


With ITOM, managing infrastructure and service components becomes extremely simple. They help businesses to reduce the number of outages, provide faster resolutions and ultimately improve the experience a customer has with the brand.

This is extremely important for businesses that have high dependency on IT. There are countless instances where IT breakdown have resulted in compromising a brand irreparably.

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