Asset Management at your Fingertips – Experience the Power of Micro Focus CMS

Asset Management at your Fingertips – Experience the Power of Micro Focus CMS

About the Company

A century old growing organization; who has seen the world change from tradition printing services to digital services. The organization’s net revenues in 2017 was approx. $2.4 billion compared to $1.6 billion in 2016.

Today the organisation is one of the largest digital services providers of the North Americas that provides digital tools & sophistication to small & medium-sized businesses and entrepreneurs, who are the backbone of the U.S. economy.

In the coming year, the organisation plans to offer its services to about 700,000 clients across the 48 states having a massive audience of more than 60 million consumers.

The Problem

The organization, in the recent time was faced with challenges of Tracking & Managing IT Asset, due to their exponential growth in their digital footprint.

Also, there has been growth of the organization’s workforce with over 4200 workstation users, with a constant increase in the number of staffs’ working off the corporate LAN i.e. working from home-office or are always mobile, hence the workstation IP always varied as per the Internet Service Provider (ISP).

On the other hand, for organisation has multiple registered suppliers for sourcing their various IT requirements from Software to Hardware. All the suppliers had their own application to maintain the delivery or orders details.


The organization was growing & also in midst of merger. On the other hand, organization policies allowed its workforce to work remotely i.e. home-office user & the number of these users is expected to be doubled within a year; hence, the organization was seeking a unified solution;

  • To track corporate asset used by Home-Office users using ISP network.
  • Solution to be able to be integrated with supplier application on the cloud
  • To track asset within the corporate LAN
  • For defining operating and maintenance strategies
  • Streamline purchasing & stores processes
  • Maintaining inventory requirements with min./max. stocking levels

Serviceberry Technologies was chosen to help find solution to help address the challenges. A combination of Micro Focus uCMDB & Micro Focus Asset Manager software was chosen.

Serviceberry Technologies having over a decade of experience analyzed the requirement & managed to setup a unique asset discovery solution to meet the increasing home-office users.

This ensured that even if the user do not connect via corporate LAN, the workstation asset details would be shipped securely to the discovery solution over the public IP.

Data from external suppliers’ system is retried over the cloud by various means & consolidated in the deployed Asset Manager solution, for the organisation leadership to have central access to the information for making an informed decision to manage complex IT Asset Lifecycle Management.

The Architecture

To address the large number of connectivity from the ISP’s 2 probe was placed in the secure zone & the connectivity from the workstation to the probe was secured.

Additional probes were placed at various corporate office location & data centers. This ensured the data & connectivity load is balanced with high performance to the end users.

All the data is stored & normalised in CMDB & accessed by the Asset Manager to manage the complete Asset Lifecycle management.

Integration with external suppliers was achieved using various method like FTP, RestAPI, DB Connect on the Cloud, to reconcile the data in the Central Asset Manager Solution.

About Micro Focus Configuration Management System (CMS)

Micro Focus uCMDB is the industry leader is discovering of various types of assets & supports over 150 million CI’s, while Micro Focus Asset Manager offers best reporting dashboard & workflow engine.

Read more about my review on MF uCMDB at IT Central Station & featured in their review document.

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