Are you spending too much time on Root Cause Analysis and IT Issue Triage? Checkout Micro Focus Operations Bridge for a seamless Issue Triage experience.

Are you spending too much time on Root Cause Analysis and IT Issue Triage? Checkout Micro Focus Operations Bridge for a seamless Issue Triage experience.

In an era of rapid growth and transformation, IT environments are getting complex by the day. IT issues and breakdowns are directly proportionate to the number of users, locations, and applications which consume them.

IT Teams spend way too much time on root cause analysis and finding solutions to issues they may be facing.

Let us look at the problem and how Micro Focus Operations Bridge can help overcome it.


Large Enterprises have invested in various Monitoring and Automation tools which work in silos. There are specialized teams who monitor the IT Infrastructure for potential threat of breakdown.

The problem is, none of these systems talk to each other in a way that they can share alerts, warnings or even errors. In a real-life scenario, we see tech teams coordinate with each other over phone or email once an issue has been raised. This defeats the whole purpose of having such sophisticated technology for monitoring your network, systems and applications.

Ideally there should be a single pane of glass or manager of manager system which would consolidate & correlate alerts from all these underlying tools so that IT Teams can quickly identify the root cause of an issue or proactively identify potential issues before they actually occur.

Welcome Micro Focus Operations Bridge – The Manager of Manager System

Micro Focus Operations Bridge sits on top of all your existing monitoring tools so as to make sense of zillions of alerts which are raised by all these systems. The idea is to consolidate events and correlate them in real time.

Operations Manager i helps in consolidation of events across the enterprise, also acts as a correlation engine which instantly analyses the impact of a particular alert on respective systems and applications.

Micro Focus Operations Bridge even has and Analytics Engine which can perform predictive analytics based on the data that has been collected over a period of time.

You may want to read our previous blog about Micro Focus Operations Bridge, to get a better understanding of all its capabilities.


Operations Bridge is a great tool which can help you reduce the time you spend on Root Cause Analysis and IT Issue triage. It reduces your mean time to repair (MTTR) significantly.

With the world getting more connected as well as complex, IT teams can’t afford to spend too much time in Root Cause Analysis or Triaging issues. They need to be quick in responding & resolving any issues that they come across..

Don’t take my word for it, try our Micro Focus Operations Bridge to get a first-hand experience on what all it can do for your business.

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