IT Automation

Present state of IT and its impact on business

In today’s scenario IT consumes most of their time in keeping lights on! IT continues to be in a reactive state either due to bandwidth reasons, or skills or because of sporadic changes in the volume of requests. IT does not have enough time or is just unable to spend time in developing new ideas and adopting new technologies faster. Most enterprise IT leaders indicates that they are missing opportunities of adopting newer business models or are doing it late do not have the first mover advantage.

Orchestrating the full datacentre

Till now the focus of IT is mainly on infrastructure layers. However, the main drive should be getting the applications out there and working reliably. This needs to be across the heterogeneous elements in the DC and across all the physical and virtual elements. To orchestrate the main requirement is that IT spend the time to automate and orchestrate across the stack. The tools they use needs to be multi-vendor ground up. Moving from the infrastructure layers and bridging the silos, most companies have started to look at the platform as the next gap that needs to be addressed with automation. With high frequency of releases from the app development and test teams, the full end to end or full stack automation is a mandate.

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