End-User IT Analytics

Serviceberry in partnership with Nexthink provides end-user IT analytics solutions across all endpoints, users, applications and network connections, all the time, in real-time. Nexthink utilizes self-learning, mapping and patterns to understand how all applications and services are delivered to end-user’s (physical and virtual) endpoints including quality of service, compliance metrics and security threats.

Customers use real-time analytics for visibility into the IT services and how they are being consumed , who is affected when issues occur, the probable cause of issues, how the IT infrastructure is responding and the historical trends. This data and Analytics is accessible in real time to help support/operations teams take the necessary action to either resolve or prevent the issue to reduce the impact to the end user.  The service evolves as the client environment becomes mature and the thresholds are lowered as issues are resolved and removed from the environment.

Nexthink brings a wide range of industry standard integration using APIs and turnkey integration’s for:

–    ServiceNow

–    HPE Service Manager

–    BMC Remedy

–    ManageEngine

–    Microsoft SCCM etc.

With the ability to build customised integrations with other leading tools, the Nexthink solution becomes brings powerful features to Service Desk operators, IT Managers, Security Operations and End-User based systems integrators. Powered by Serviceberry’s industry experience and excellence in service delivery and quality, Nexthink becomes an easy extension to existing end-user support operations delivering faster ROIs across several capabilities consuming this service.

Nexthink End-user IT Analytics gives IT unique visibility that includes the end-user, the device, the network, and the datacenter in order to detect issues and quickly allow IT to fix them before the business is severely impacted. The Nexthink End-user IT Analytics platform is supported by a scalable product architecture, designed to simplify operations, ensure scaling and allow a rapid deployment, the system is composed of five main software components:

NexThink Architecture

The Nexthink End-user IT Analytics platform help IT Operation Team:

  • Measure the impact of changes by visualizing in a single timeline all events, related progress and issues to act and communicate accordingly.
  • Apply proactive remediation by understand commonalities of frequently crashing applications, long login times, locations with low network quality and more
  • Accelerate problem resolution for Helpdesk and support teams, who can determine in seconds if the endpoint, the network or the back-end is the probable cause
  • Optimize asset and cost by finding places to improve such as underused hardware and software, wasted print jobs, unnecessary PC renewals.

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